I can’t believe it has been one and a half months …

I can’t believe it has been one and a half months since the last post. How time flies. We have been so busy implementing new systems and training while adjusting to the move and trying to juggle the spring real estate market.
Mary Ellen is working out great. What a “go-getter”! It appears that the real estate market is picking up speed and we may have to hire more help! Who is spreading rumors about a Real Estate bubble bursting? I tell ya, they ain’t from round here-ah!
Keller Williams Realty Mid Maine has been the best thing for the Maine real estate agent since sliced bread. The classes offered are awesome. From paperwork, lead generation, marketing, coaching and support, it’s no wondering this “model” attracts the top agents from other “old school” brokers. This means that the agent is outfitted with the latest training and technology to better service our seller’s and or buyers. What a refreshing change, to go to work with integrity, be motivated, confident and happy. The usual method of corralling the client in to make the deal, get the money, then send them on their way, is no longer tolerated. Ohh yes… this still happens, even in the largest brokerages. Did you know that 80% of all real estate agents only do 20% of all the transactions and vise-versa? Doesn’t this mean that 80% of the agents are waiting for business to just fall into their lap?
Chit-chatting with other agents, shopping online, coming to work late and leaving early and other mindless tasks occupies their time while waiting for the phone to ring… waiting for the next customer…waiting for their next piece of business. What about servicing their seller? Marketing that home? Finding that niche that will make your sellers property sell faster? You know… customer service! I see it now. The prospective customer won’t be waiting in those lines or beating down their doors.

The Keller Williams Belief is: WI4C2TS…OUR SYSTEM! Our beliefs are an essential part of who we are and how we conduct business. The Keller Williams® Belief System is the foundation for providing the ultimate in service to our clients. WI4C2TS Our Belief System in Action…
Win-Win. . . or no deal
Integrity. . . do the right thing
Commitment. . . in all things
Communication. . . seek first to understand
Creativity. . . ideas before results
Customers. . . always come first
Teamwork. . . together everyone achieves more
Trust. . . starts with honesty
Success. . . results through people

We hope to better serve our clients using the ideals listed above. Come to think of it…Why would you want to do business elsewhere?
If you are thinking of a career change and getting into real estate, and this motivates you, then give me a call. No matter where you’re calling from, there is a Keller Williams Realty near you. If you are from Maine, then stop by and I’ll give you a tour! Either way, I can help you. You too, can be successful!

In other News… be on the lookout for a new website for the Maine Real Estate Market. You’ll be able to search for property with your criteria and save the search and automatically receive emails on newly listed property! Also you can see what others are paying for Maine real estate. This report gives the prospective seller a Competitive Market Analysis. These tools let the user be more flexible with their time and not need an agent until later in the process. What a concept!
Also we now have AOL’s AIM service up and running on our web site. You can view property, use tools and research our tons of information while chatting with a licensed Maine Real Estate Agent. Ask us anything… Really! Just look for the icon at the top of the page at www.meservier.com to see if we are in.
Well, enough said for now. Till next time…
Michael Meservier

Meservier & Associates
“Today’s Realtors, Opening New Doors”