Outstanding Information Available For Maine – How To Avoid Foreclosure And Keep Your Home

The brochure, “How to Avoid Foreclosure and Keep Your Home,” provides outstanding information for existing homeowners who may not be able to afford their current mortgage, including phone numbers, counseling services and just plain good advice. This brochure is available by contacting us through our website, Meservier & Associates, email mike@meservier.com or by calling 207-784-2525. We understand Maine’s Real Estate market and how some homeowners may be having difficulty paying their mortgage.

Some of the areas covered in the brochure are:

  1. You’re not alone if you’re having trouble paying your mortgage
  2. Mortgages with “Payment Shock”
  3. How Realtors can help
  4. Talk with your lender
  5. What if the value if your property is less than what you owe?

And finally, Quick references for Consumers. This is a valuable resource is brought to you by the National Association of Realtors and is yours for the asking.

Go to meservier.com to search for over 25,000 Maine properties or visit MaineMLS.info.

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