Is Now A Great Time To Invest In Maine Real Estate?

YES!!!  However many would-be buyers are scared off and the media is fueling that fear. Talk of foreclosures, short sales, subprime loans this and Mortgage that, and blah, blah, blah…It’s no wonder consumers are shaking in their boots. Maine has held her own compared to most other states in that we have not seen the prices drop so severly. That’s great news for Maine property owners. Let’s look at Maine Real Estate investment indicators:

  1. Mortgage rates are still at an all time low
  2. Prices are down
  3. Inventory is UP
  4. The economy is still growing; although not a fast as some would like
  5. Sellers are offering incentives, in some cases
  6. Maine is known as VACATIONLAND

Everybody loves to vacation and Maine is a desireable location to put up one’s feet. So if your still thinking of investing, think of Maine as a place to invest in real estate. There is a pay-off…and it’s not just emotional!

Copywite: Michael Meservier – Meservier & Associates