“At Home In Maine” – A New Exhibit At The Maine State Museum

“AT HOME IN MAINE”:  Today’s Kennebec Journal reports the Maine State Museum is creating a permanent exhibit “At Home in Maine” depicting the decorative arts in a series of rooms set up to represent different decades from the 1880s to 1966.  The print article (but not online) includes a request for items needed to complete the exhibit:  early 1900s bathroom sink (white, wall-mounted, chrome legs); bathtub dated 1900-1910 (faucets at end, date on underside of tub); small bureau 1950-1960 (42-48 inches tall, light finish); metal painted TV tray; Thanksgiving decorations used before 1966; 40th-50th wedding anniversary gifts; and 1960 or earlier holiday decorations.  Contact museum staff at 287-2301 if you can help.  To read more about the exhibit:  http://kennebecjournal.mainetoday.com/news/local/4775341.html