Spring Market In Maine Will See Many Opportunities For Buyers

The upcoming spring real estate market in Maine will certainly bring great opportunities to Maine buyers.  Interest rates are expected to stay very competitive and the inventory and selection of properties available for prospective home buyers is at the best it’s been in several years.  When the national news media reports on the overall national market they refer to all market in the same category.  That would be similar to forecasting weather here in Maine in the same way meterologists forecast weather in Florida.  Markets are very local!  If you’re considering purchasing a home, now is certainly the time to consider your options.  The best place to start too is by contacting an very experienced local agent that understands their local market.  Long term investing, first time home buying and trading up your existing home are all purchase approaches that the current market provides an ideal climate for.  Buying choices that includes purchases for flipping, especially higher end homes and new construction built on speculation should be approached with a conservative eye.  Long market times can makes these types of purchases very costly to carry.