Staging Your Home To Sell Pays Off

In today’s buyer’s market it’s more important than ever that sellers stag their homes to sell.  With more and more properties going on the market for sale, buyers make decisions on which homes to view based on the overall condition and a marketable list price.  The market is what I like to call a pricing contest and a beauty pageant with the competitors being the homes on the market for sale.  Sometimes a professional stager can assist with paint colors and furniture placement.  Emphasis should be placed on the entrance to the property.  Most buyers spend a few minutes there looking at the details while the agent is obtaining the key.  A new door mat, flower pot and a fresh coat of paint at the entrance is a great place to start.  All personal property as much as possible should be stored away, the front of the refrigerator as much as it’s a great place to display family photos, children’s artwork and a magnet collection should be cleared off.  Baths should have an air freshner along with new towels and mats.  Keep all shades up allowing as much light into the home as possible.  Pet dishes, beds and toys should be removed as well, some buyers may not be pet lovers.  These few tips and helpful hints are a great place to start.  An experienced agent can also put their buyer’s eyes on and point out other staging suggestions that can be very helpful.