Maine Real Estate – Rents continue to climb while home prices drop

Now is the time to buy!

According to an April 14 article on, “The first quarter of 2008 makes the 24th consecutive quarter that rental prices have escalated nationwide.” Click here to read the rest of the article, “Realty Viewpoint: If You Think You’re Saving Money Renting…Think Again.”

While Your First Home, the first book in the Keller Williams Realty Guide Series, emphasized that, “If you can afford to rent, you can afford to buy,” holds true. This point appears truer now than ever before.

Right now is the best time for new buyers to get out of rental properties and enter the housing market. Interest rates over the last 15 months have gone from 6.2% in January 2007 to 6.7% in July 2007, then down to 5.75 in January 2008. In recent weeks it has gone to about 5.95%. Are Renters taking advantage of our current market conditions and converting to Home Owners? We’ll certainly find out.

This Maine Real Estate Spring market is already showing signs of an up-swing. Massachusetts is already experiencing this as well as other New England States. Keep your eye on our Spring real estate market.

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