Maine Real Estate Buyers – Still On The Fence?

Did you know that timing the market is impossible?

The longer buyers wait for the real estate bottom, the more likely it is that they’ll miss it. As Jay Papasan, co-author of Your First Home, and a member of Gary Keller’s expert writing team, said in a recent article in the Boston Herald, “Many desperate sellers are slashing prices, paying buyers’ closing costs and throwing in home improvements. [But] once a few (potential buyers) get off the fence . . . you lose your leverage.”

Let’s repeat the end of that last sentence again.”…YOU LOOSE YOUR LEVERAGE”

I cannot express enough that leverage is the most important part of your negotiation. Sellers are motivated, inventory is at an all time high, Interest rates are still very low and for the first time home buyers, there is the 2009 tax credit up to $8000. It doesn’t get any better than this. Start your home search with the Maine MLS, get preapproved or read up on Maine real estate information at our blog at

So, are you still saying….

  • “I don’t feel comfortable buying right now.”
  •  “Let’s hold out to get the best price.”
  • “We’re going to wait for the market to turn around.”

We can help you find the right home.  Unsure of where to begin or don’t understand the home buying process? We got that covered too. Visit, the home buyers online resource to the home buying process. Still have questions? Call us at 207-784-2525. We’ve got answers.

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