Market Hints that Today’s Auburn Lewiston Maine Real Estate Sellers Need to Know!

Because of my experience in the local Androscoggin County market it’s obvious to me the current conditions that are effecting a seller’s ability to sell their property. Understand your competition, the other properties on the market in your area and price range is critical to a home seller’s success in our area. Additionally staging a home in this market is very important. The fewer buyers in the market today are shopping for the best value in the best condition for their price range and location. Helping sellers understand this is what I feel I do best! I compile MLS data that helps a sellers understand their local market in a simple way. How many properties are they competing with in Auburn in their price range? How many properties have sold int he last 6 months in Auburn in their price range? How long on average did it take for those homes to sell? How many homes are selling a month and how many months inventory is there? On average, at what percentage of the list price did recent homes sell. How many more days have current homes been on the market than the properties that have sold. This one piece of information often reveals to home sellers why properties aren’t selling. If you’re thinking of selling a home in the Central Maine area, please contact me and I’d be happy to discuss your market’s data!


Lewiston Maine Rejects Joint Downtown Plan With Neighbor, Auburn Maine


Lewiston city councilors yesterday voted to pull out of a joint downtown plan with Lewiston’s neighbor, Auburn, ending a months-long effort to write a shared downtown master plan.

A group of volunteers had been meeting for the past two months to write a joint downtown plan, setting planning policies for Lewiston and Auburn that would complement each other, the Sun Journal reported. The cities have been dancing around the idea of sharing resources and departments for several years. 

But Lewiston councilors said the 18 months the volunteer group needed to write up the agreement was too long, and that city staff, rather than committees, would be better at finding cost savings. One councilor was skeptical of the efforts to join the cities. “Twin Cities really is the best name for us,” Councilor Robert Reed said. “From the outside, we look like twins. We really do, to people from around Maine. But from the inside, we’re very different. There is just not the public will to combine services, so efforts to do it will never move forward.”


Cities of Lewiston and Auburn Maine Ranked For Growth

Lewiston and Auburn Maine made great strides in the Milken Institute’s annual ranking of the smaller metro cities, while Portland remained relatively steady in the their list of the 200 largest cities in the country.

In the Santa Monica, Calif.-based think tank’s 2008 Best Performing Cities’ Index , released yesterday, both Bangor and Lewiston-Auburn made significant jumps in the ranking of 124 smaller metro areas. The Bangor metro area moved from 149 last year to 82, and the Lewiston-Auburn metro area moved from 127 last year to 84 this year. The rankings are based on wages and salaries growth, job growth and gross domestic product growth in the technology industry.

In the ranking of the 200 largest cities, Portland dropped one place to 158. The city scored highest in its concentration of the technology industry, with a ranking of 72. Portland also ranked 101 in both wages and salaries growth from 2001-2006 and job growth from March 2007 to March 2008, according to the report.

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